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High Standard of Craftsmanship

Subcon carefully selects and employs only the finest craftsmen available for each project. Our construction team is comprised of skilled professionals who are also courteous and conscientious on the job.


By using our own employees for drywall, ceilings, painting, millwork, and other specialities, Subcon retains a firm hand on total job progress.


Our experienced managers and supervisors control the project each step of the way. They coordinate every phase of construction, closely monitoring all mechanical, electrical, plumbing, floor covering, and other crafts to ensure on-time completion.


Everything is geared to your convenience, swift turnaround, and total satisfaction - on schedule.

Premier Quality Results:
On Time, At Competitive Prices


Our broad experience in remodeling some of Tulsa's most visible premier properties provides you the high standard of excellence our clients have come to expect.


Subcon has built its reputation on responsive service and attention to detail... one job at a time. The results speak for themselves in buildings and offices throughout the city.


By quick response, we mean quotes on most of your projects within a week, depending on size. Cost-effective, comprehensive quotes that reflect your requirements and time frame. Accurate quotes that anticipate real-time, real-world considerations, with a pricing structure that allows enough flexibility to avoid cutting corners yet ensure competitive pricing.


Communication between client and Subcon continues throughout the building process, helping ensure our goal of completing the project on time with total customer satisfaction.

Creating a Look that Reflects the Personality of Your Office


Take a closer look. Maybe you've seen us before... In the attractive foyer of your favorite building, in the striking reception area of a friend's place of business, or in the richly crafted boardroom of a business associate.


Why are you seeing our work in so many places? Because a growing number of commercial property owners and business managers are turning to Subcon for turnkey, cost-effective construction services.


Subcon - your single source for complete custom interior and exterior rebuilding, expansion, repair, and maintenance.

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